1. Trajectory

    miquel planas rosselló


    Born in Palma de Mallorca in 1961. He studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Barcelona, where he carried out his teaching activity as University Professor of Sculpture. Since 1983 his creative work has focused mainly on sculpture, although he has developed a great work of drawing parallel to the process of sculptural creation.

    His work shows a great interest in land and space, for his knowledge and description, which is manifested in the same way in his work process, in a precise use of materials.




    … It is important to highlight the inherent character of the materials themselves, as there is no doubt that each material has in itself a very significant expressive potential. The artist, upon knowing it, can highlight it and even accentuate it to the point of giving it life, as defended by Jean Dubuffet, who without hesitation defended the validity of so many heteroclite materials, through, not only in his own work, but also in his writings…

    Lourdes Cirlot

    Art Critic and Professor of Art History at the University of Barcelona


    ….. Planas' work balances between intuition and elaboration, between volume and space, between rhythm and silence, between grandiloquence and detail, creating contradictory sensations in the viewer who often takes time to see the small details that are hidden as signs under the bark and that make volumes and primitive forms a modern work of art. All the simplicity that it projects becomes surprise, as if the intention with which it was generated multiplies the visual and tactile sensations that the wood provokes. A surprising work that is the result of warm chance and cold theory, which comes from deep voices and goes a long way from small modifications to poetically returning us to the strange sensations that nature causes. A sculpture that has several planes: a background often little elaborated and a surface that occupies small spaces in which the sculptor evokes simple signs that want to define his time….

    Miquel Alzueta

    Gallery owner


    ... at first glance, the work refers us to a silent but evident work of structure. Through a direct expression of the material, worked in a subtle and precise way, the pieces transmit, impose and offer us a feeling of structural value. This structural sense transports us to the deepest part of the creative process. The manipulation of the material elements, light in appearance, either of metal plates or of interspersed wooden slats, proposes a universe of expressive and grammatical possibilities. Both his drawings and his sculptures show an interest in the arrangement and composition of the elements that make it up. Despite this, we find a paradox in his proposals. His pieces - structures, made up of segments, grids or divisions, instead of emphasizing the value of fragmentation, generate an effect of unity and unity. In this way, there is an internal formal coherence that makes his works perceive as small constructions, as graceful concretions of ideas ...

    Virginia Roy

    Curator. University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC)


    ... if I had to define what are the qualities that characterize his work, I would use three words: abstraction, rigor and materiality ...

    Carlos Ferrater

    Architect and Professor of Projects at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


    ... under the guise of a coldly calculated, irreferential abstraction, Miquel Planas' work is based on plastic values that are not intended to be readily apparent to a distracted observer. Stylistically indebted to minimalism in terms of the reductionism of its forms, the repetitive nature of its structure and the forcefulness of its physical presence, in spite of this, Planas's work has an emblematic meaning that allows him to establish a dialogue with the specific place for which has been created ...

    Javier Maderuelo

    Art Critic and University Professor at the University of Alcalá de Henares.


    … Now, those small symbolic spaces excavated in the heart of the wood, in interior cavities of true spatial vocation. The vertical has given way to horizontality in a new structural order of the sculptures, which have become modular, more minimalist, but without forgetting the poetic and symbolic origin from which they come. Structure and space have become the same thing ...

    ... enormously intuitive, there is no project dimension behind his work. The space is intuitive and the human scale still serves to measure what you want to build. His sculpture is, in short, very close to man and it is also in this sense that it connects with the remotest tradition of sculptural work, invoking at all times the memory of his own past ...

    Pilar Parcerisas

    Art critic


    …notwithstanding this, in Miquel Planas's work we have to find nuances, precisely because it is far from prototypes. Or is it actually more poetic, a priori a square meter of iron plate, minimalist, than a square meter of old wood, or treated as if it were old? Or is it that a square meter of industrial material without any kind of manipulation has to cause more sensation and commotion than a square meter of wood, hardly handled?

    Miquel Planas, in much of his current works, achieves a claim to wood with an unusual poetic charm. It is not an industrial waste, but a rural waste, rooted in the earth ...

    Francesc Miralles

    Art critic


    ... the fundamental characteristic of Miquel Planas' work is his architectural will. By means of a very precise manipulation of the materials, it implies the process of manufacturing the work, on the one hand, and evokes other human conflicts whose resolution only the artist is able to synthesize. There is a tendency in Planas to highlight the processes and, therefore, to show mixed products in their geometry, their materials or their finishes. The paradoxical balance of his compositions denotes a warmly human nature.

    Juan Luis Calbarro

    Critic art

    … .Miquel Planas offers a discourse based on the intention of deciphering and codifying the phenomena of life: observation-interpretation-experimentation, to evaluate and rationalize the interpretive adventure in which we are all immersed ...

    ... form, gesture and matter maintain an interventional relationship that generates an elegant plasticity, which is evident both in iron and in the various materials or supports that the artist uses ...

    Gudi Moragues

    Critic and art curator


    … The landscape is observed from a height. A height that allows you to discern the geographical limits quite accurately. The fragment of the landscape that interests us is totally arbitrary, after a study it will be decided what or how to mean that piece of strip of land that interested us from the air. Once marked, its singularity marked by some spellings, by dimensions, we will fix our gaze on what was intended, on that abstraction and portion of the sample, on that DNA of the landscape that Miquel Planas decided to single out and show us.

    Juan José Oliva Gallardo

    Art critic


    ... as a Mallorcan knows very well that his landscape has a geographical end, he has studied it from within the landscapes, from the sensations and feelings, but he has also studied it from the outside, that is, from space outside the territory

    .... shapes the landscape from different points of view, very important, such as the "marés" and iron sculptures, .....

    María José Corominas

    Art critic and curator


    The tension contained in the firm appearance of solid structures, built with the minimum essential, denote the maximum precision in the work so that when the expected chance occurs, it does so on the basis of a very balanced base, fleeing the symmetrical artifice. Actually, what interests this artist is the process.

    In the latest works of this sculptor, starting from the fragment until reaching the totality that provides the conjunction of a grid, of multiple grids, they manage to build a series of structures that house the concept of the container. Sculptures-containers, of cavities or empty spaces, which are located between architecture and modern archaeology.

    Pilar Giró

    Art critic


  2. collective exhibitions

    collective exhibitions


    1981 -International Competition of Plastic Arts, Calvià, Mallorca.

    1983 -"IV Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art". Traveling. (catalogue).

    1984 -"The Catalan Countries at Sans Station", City Hall of Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1985 -International Sculpture Competition, Pollença, Mallorca.

    1985 -Scholarship of Plastic Arts, City Hall of Palma de Mallorca.

    1986 -II International Sculpture Competition, J. March Foundation, Mallorca. (catalogue).

    1986 -"Salon of Tardor '86", Salon of Tinell, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1988 -ARCO '88, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1988 -"Ribots apart" Caixa of Barcelona, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1989 -ARCO '89, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1989 -"L'autre Coté des Pyrenées", Bellint Gallery, Paris, France.

    1989 -Pierre-Jean Meurisse Gallery, Toulouse, France.

    1989 -INTERART '89, stands Bellint and Pierre Jean Meurisse, Valencia.

    1989 -"Recent work on Paper", Gaspar Hall, Barcelona, (catalogue).

    1990 -SAGA '90, stand Sergi Sánchez Gallery, Paris, France.

    1990 -ART-JONCTION, stand Corbera Editions, Nice, France.

    1990 -INTERART '90, stand Corbera Editions, Valencia.

    1990 -III International Sculpture Competition, J. March Foundation, Mallorca. (catalogue).

    1990 -ARCO '90, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1991 -"Fight Against AIDS", Robert Palace and Catalonia Hall of the Caixa of Barcelona, Barcelona.

    1991 -ARCO '91, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1991 -"Les Avant-gardes de la Sculpture en Catalonia" Fall Festival of Merignac, France. (catalogue).

    1991 -"A Paper: A Square", Van der Voort Gallery, Ibiza.

    1991 -"IBERICO 2000", Maeght Gallery, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1991 -"Barcelona in Gegenvart. Catalanische Malerei", Rathaus, Reinickendorf Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

    1991 -Graphic Art '91, stand Merso Gallery, Barcelona.

    1991 -Sytsema Gallery, Baarn, Holland.

    1991 -"Collection Testimoni", Caixa Foundation of Pensions, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1991 -III Bienal of the Department of Fine Arts, "Water Building", City Hall of Barcelona, Barcelona.

    1992 -ARCO '92, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1992 -Stockholm Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden.

    1992 -Pelaires Hall, Palma de Mallorca.

    1992 -Sytsema Gallery, Baarn, Holland.

    1992 -Graphic Art '92, stand Gaspar Hall, Barcelona.

    1992 -White Art Center, Berlicum, Holland.

    1993 -Gaspar Hall, Barcelona.

    1993 -ARCO '93, stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1993 -Pierre-Jean Meurisse Gallery, Toulouse, France.

    1993 -Pelaires Hall, Palma de Mallorca.

    1993 -"Contemporary Sculpture in Majorca", "Six-Point Tower", Manacor (Mallorca) and "Ses Voltes", Palma de Mallorca. (catalogue).

    1993 -Claartje de Gruytex Gallery, Den Haag.

    1993 -Helga Hofman Gallery, Den Haag.

    1993 -"III Exhibition of Fenosa Union ”, La Coruña. (catalogue).

    1993 -E.K.W.C., Hertogenbosch, Holland.

    1994 -ARCO'94 Stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1994 -Miguel de Agustín Gallery, Helsingborg, Sweden.

    1994 -Beaumont Art Gallery, Berlicum (Holland), October-November.

    1994 -"Art-solidari". Convent of the Angels, Barcelona.

    1995 -ARCO '95, Stand Gaspar Hall, Madrid.

    1995 -Contemporary Catalan Art, Montpellier, France. (catalogue).

    1995 -"Aires d'ARCO", Gaspar Hall, April.

    1995 -Veiling van hedendaagse kunst, Amsterdam, May.

    1995 -"Artissima" Turin, Italy, Van der Voort Gallery, November.

    1995 -Van der Voort Gallery, Ibiza, April.

    1995 -"Les Punxes" Gallery, Barcelona.

    1996 -ARTFrankfurt Art Fair, Frankfurt, Van der Voort Gallery, March.

    1996 -"8 sculptors, 8 arguments", Valladolid, Pimentel Palace, County Council of Valladolid and Government of Catalonia. (catalogue).

    1996 -"Volume in Line" Balmes 21 Gallery, University of Barcelona, February.

    1996 -"Sculpteurs en contre-point", Languedoc-Roussillon Space, Hotel of Region, Montpellier, France, February-March. (catalogue).

    1996 -Artistic Background of the City Hall of Salou, Tarragona.

    1997 -"Colorín-colorado" Greca Gallery, Barcelona, June.

    1997 -ARTFrankfurt, Van der Voort Gallery, March.

    1998 -Gespa y Copa, Greca Gallery, Barcelona, July-August.

    1998 -Summer Collective, Van der Voort Gallery, July-August.

    1998 -Collective, Editions 6-a Graphic Work, June-July.

    1999 -Sculptures under the sign of Babel, Greca Gallery, Barcelona, November-January. (catalogue).

    2000 -Sculpture Projects for the new Hospital of the Guttman Foundation, Hall Hospital, "La Vidriera" Space, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    2000 -Workshop 6-A, "Sa Nostra" Cultural Centre, Social and Cultural Project, Palma de Mallorca, September-October. (catalogue).

    2000 -Chests of Art. Besllum. Cardedeu (Barcelona), April-May.

    2000 -XII Biennale Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art, itinerant Catalonia and Andorra. (catalogue).

    2000 -ARTéNÎM, Contemporary Art Fair, Stand Greca Gallery, Nîmes, France, September-October. (catalogue).

    2000 -"Grands et Jeunes d'Aujord'hui", Stand Greca Gallery, Paris-Luxemburg, November. (catalogue).

    2000 -"Surprise Boxes" Greca Gallery 1985-2000, Barcelona, November.

    2001 -Bilbao Bank, Vizcaya Argentaria, Barcelona, June.

    2002 -"Diary of Castaways", Tomàs Balvey Archive Museum, Cardedeu, Barcelona, September, November. (catalogue).

    2002 -"Art from Spain", Flehite Museum, Amesfoort, Holland, November.

    2002 -Homage to Pilar Riberaygua, Les Punxes Gallery, and Pilar Riberaygua Gallery of Art, Barcelona -Andorra, November.

    2002 -Exhibition of selected works in the Caja Vital Kutxa Sculptural Competition (catalogue).

    2002 -"Times of Art", Vallgrassa -National Park of Garraf, Barcelona Council. Barcelona, December. (catalogue).

    2002 -Collective, Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca, December.

    2003 -"Public Corners", competition of citizen participation in the design of the city, organized by the City Hall of Barcelona and FAD. (catalogue).

    2003 -"Antoni Gelabert" Award, City Hall of Palma de Mallorca, Solleric Palace, Palma de Mallorca, January-February. (catalogue).

    2003 -"For Man, For Galicia", Itinerant, Balearic Islands and Galicia, organized by the Balearic government.

    2003 -"Large Format Sculpture" Fecit, Croma and Carme Tatché Galleries, Sant feliu de Guixols, Girona. (catalogue).

    2004 -"You Can Do Anything with Paper" Greca Gallery, Barcelona.

    2005 -"Sculptors under the sign of Babel 2" Greca Gallery, Barcelona, April-May.

    2005 -Exhibition III Symposium of Sculpture of Alt Penedès, Vilafranca Museum, Chapel of Sant Pelegrí, Vilafranca del Penedés.

    2005 -Contemporary Sculpture on the Balearic Islands, Balearic Island Government, Council of Mallorca, Caixa of Baleares and City Hall of Manacor. Itinerant. (catalogue).

    2005 -I Prize in Contemporary Sculpture Palafrugell, Vila Casas Foundation, July-August. (catalogue).

    2005 -MMAC '05, Mollerussa Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Mollerussa, November. (catalogue).

    2005 -Christmas Collection, Gallery [b], Barcelona, December-January.

    2006 -"Light and Volume", Greca Gallery, Barcelona, February-March.

    2006 -MMAC '06, Mollerussa Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Mollerussa, November. (catalogue).

    2006 -Collective Exhibition: III Symposium of Sculpture of Alt Penedès, Vilafranca Museum, Chapel of Sant Pelegrí, Vilafranca del Penedés.

    2007 -"The Temptations of Saint Anthony", Gallery [b], Barcelona, January. (catalogue).

    2007 -"Medianeras” Exhibition of Barcelona, from oblivion to the project, Maritime Museum of Barcelona, May-June. (catalogue).

    2008 -“Expo Zaragoza”, Contemporary Sculpture of the Balearic Islands, Balearic Government.

    2008 -"Art for Life" Itinerant of the Balearic Islands, organized by the Balearic Islands Government and the Project Man Foundation, Baleares. (catalogue).

    2008 -"MediterrArt", Maritime Museum of Barcelona, City Council of Barcelona. (catalogue).

    2009 -II Prize for Contemporary Sculpture, Vila Casas Foundation, Palafrugell, July-August. (catalogue).

    2009 -"The Sea of Eyes", Mediterranean Museum, Torroella of Montgrí, Girona.

    2009 -"Abstractions" Carme Espinet y Paqui Delgado Gallery, July, Barcelona.

    2009 -The Vineyard of the Senses, II Congress of Art and Landscape, Alt Penedès, Subirats, Barcelona, Portal del Pardo Hall, El Vendrell, Tarragona.

    2009 -"Art for Life", Ca'n Planes Museum, Sa Pobla, Mallorca.

    2009 -"1st Centennial Tribute to the Manifesto for Futurism", Academy of Fine Arts of Napoli, Naples, Italy, June-July. (catalogue).

    2009 -Collective Christmas Exhibition, Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca.

    2010 -Art and lyrics, Library of the Fine Arts Department, Complutense University of Madrid, Irene Garzón collection.

    2010 -Interpreting Ramon Llull. The owner friend, Government of the Balearic Islands, Council of Mallorca and Caja Mediterranean, Traveling through Spain, Germany and Russia.

    2011 -"Look at the Word" I. Monserrat (col. I. Garzón), City Hall of Barcelona.

    2011 -“Art illenc”, Collective Exhibition organized by the Mallorca Island Government, Space Mallorca, Barcelona

    2012 -"Return-Art", art 32 Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca.

    2012 -“1rst Biennale International of Casablanca”, Marrakech, from Art Moroco and Moroco Premium. Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, Marrakech, 15-30 June.

    2012 -“Fil d’alta mar”. Cloister of Santo Domingo, Pollença. AÇA, August to September, Pollença, Mallorca.

    2011 -“Sculpture. Hide processes”, Museum of Sant Cugat, City Hall of Sant Cugat. (catalogue).

    2012 -"The fight", collective sculpture exhibition, Espai d’Art 32 Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca.

    2012 -III Place in the Contemporary Sculpture Foundation Vila Casas Contest, Palafrugell, July - August. (catalogue).

    2013 “The fire” Space Art 32 Gallery, Pollença, Mallorca.

    2013 -“THE RAPE OF EUROPE', Organized by the Art Faculty of Barcelona University, Utrech, Lisbon, Poland and Brazil. Exposed simultaneously in these other universities. (catalogue).

    2013 -The emptiness of the air, Space art 32, gallery. Pollença, Majorca.

    2013 -“An imaginary museum of sculpture” exhibition from the National Museum of Sculpture Valladolid. Spain, December - January (catalogue).

    2013 -Prize Vila de Santanyí Francisco Bernareggi of Visual Art, House of Culture Ses Cases Noves. City Hall of Vila de Santanyí (Mallorca), November, (catalogue).

    2014 -“Begin the sign of the fifties“, Gallery Espai art 32

    2014 -"Exiles " exhibition organized by Popular Cultural Art Association Capmany , Girona .

    2014- "2nd International Biennial Casablanca", Morocco, Morocco Morocco organized by Art and Premium. Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche, Moroco, October.

    2015 -"Beyond the limits". Paris, Mallorca and Menorca, LE6ÈME. Workshops Artists. City hall of Paris and The Balearic Islands Government. (catalogue)

    2015 -INCART 2015, Nit de l’art, Gallery Espai’Art 32, Inca, Mallorca

    2015 -Plastic arts prize city of Felanitx 2015

    2015 -"Reflections" Gallery Espai Art 32, Pollença, Mallorca

    2015 -"TANDEM" organized by the Department of Culture, Heritage and Sports, Government of the Consell de Mallorca, (catalogue)

    2016 -"Chair", Area of Free Creation Carme Malaret, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona. (catalogue)

    2016 -"Oscillations", Gallery Espai d'Art 32, Pollença, Majorca

    2016 -II Plastic Arts Award City Hall of Felanitx

    2016 -"Custody Project" Free Space Creation Carme Malaret, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona.

    2016 -"Festival Llum BCN 2016", I.C.U.B. and Barcelona City Council, Barcelona.

    2016 -"The role of paper" Gallery Espai d'Art 32, Pollença, Majorca.

    2016 -"Exilis, 29 artist books", Dolors Ventós Gallery, Figueres, Girona.

    2017 -"Locus amoenus" - Landscapes of cruisings. Es Baluard Contemporary Art Center, Palma,

    2017 -"Territory to test", Sa Nostra Culture Center Foundation Caixa de Balears BMN Sa Nostra and Balearic Islands Government, Palma.

    2017 -"Festival Llum BCN 2017", ICUB and Barcelona City Council, Barcelona.

    2017 -"Landscape" 51th Certainly Art Biennial of Pollença, Pollença Museum and Pollença Town Hall (catalogue)

    2017 -Art for life. Project Man, Balearic Islands Government.

    2017 -Black, white, pink, unreserved, Can Gelabert, Town hall of Binissalem, Majorca.

    2018 -Forty years, 40 artists, XL poets, organized by the Balearic Islands University (catalogue).

    2018 -MiniPrint International Cadaqués, Fort Gallery Workshop Cadaqués, Girona, (catalogue).

    2018 -FUSUM 16 + 6, Center d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    2018 -Via Casas Foundation Sculpture Award 2018, Palafrugell (Girona). (catalogue).

    2018 -“restes, rastres i resquitxos”, Caminart’18, Santa Maria del Camí Town Hall (Mallorca).

    2018 -“Baleàrics”, Itinerant: Valencia, Argèlia, Palma, Binissalem (Mallorca), organized by Institut Estudis Baleàrics, Caja Mediterráneo Foundation and Balearia Foundation. (catalogue).

    2019 -“En Trans-ito” Barcelona Maritime Museum. Vertices platform.

    2019 -“Postal Art” Casa La Porfia 2019, Magallanes Art and Design ”, Punta Arenas, Republic of Chile, September- October

    2019 - “Be original”, Espai de Lliure Creació Carme Malaret, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, December

    2020 - “Art a ran de mar”, Basel Art Center, Basel, Switzerland. (catalogue).

    2020 - “Ants” University of the Balearic Islands, Building Sa Riera, Palma.

    2020 - “Homes” Marges U Gallery, Cadaqués, Girona.

    2020 - “rooms with a view,” Museum Kiscell in Budapest.

    2020 -“Strait of Magellan: the border of water”. National Museum of Anthropology (Madrid), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile and Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), November - February

    2021 - “Strait of Magellan: the border of water” Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center, Santander, April - May

    2021 -Postal Art Exhibition: «The Journey»: Correspondence and Territory. Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center, Santander, July – August

    2021 -“You are still original”, Espai de Lliure Creació Carme Malaret, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, ​​December.

    2022 -Postal Art "THE JOURNEY" CORRESPONDENCE AND THE TERRITORY., City of Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Inti Main Foundation, Argentina,

    2022 -II call for Postal Art / MAILART, MIDECIANT, from the International Museum of Electrography, ACUA Room in Cuenca, MIDECIANT.

    2022 -MONS, MercArt exhibition center, Sant Just Desvern town hall, Hernán Ardila, Biel CapLlonch, Patricia Dauder, Anna Dot, Miquel Planas and Sarah Reva Mohr.

    2022 -"International Digital Art Exhibition" organized by Journal of Next-Generation Services Technology, Future Convergence Technology and Digital Art, December 19-20, 2022, International Culture Convention Center Bummin Hall 1F, Suncheon National University, Korea

    2023 -"Art per l’statut", Government of the Balearic Islands.

    2023 -New Permanent Exhibition of Can Mario, Can Mario, Palafrugell, Vila Casas Foundation.

    2023 -Abstraccions, Pedreguer Cultural Center, organized by Fundacio Balearia, Oct-Dec 2023

    2023 -El món RESET, Sant Just Desvern City Council, September

    2023 - “The Borderline” Jiangnan Art Center No.2 No.2, Jiangnan Street, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, April-June

    2023 - “Art Without Borders and Barcelona Contemporary Art Exhibition” Louvre Furniture Group, Roundesign Associates Hong Kong Limited, ZIYOU, Foshan City, Shunde District, Louvre International Home Furnishing Headquarters Building 9F Exhibition Collection Hall

    2024 -“about nature”, Fundació Barceló, Universitat Illes Balears, Adema, CRECS Research Group, BRAC, January-February.

  3. individual exhibitions

    individual exhibitions


    1989 -Gaspar Hall, Barcelona, February-March. (catalogue).

    1989 -Bellint Gallery, Paris, December-January. (catalogue).

    1989 -Pierre-Jean Meurisse Gallery, Toulouse (France). (catalogue).

    1990 -Sergi Sánchez Gallery, Manresa, June-July.

    1991 -Gaspar Hall, Barcelona, March-April. (catalogue).

    1991 -Bellint Gallery, Paris, November-December.

    1992 -Sytsema Gallery, Baarn (Holland), June-July.

    1992 -Pierre-Jean Meurisse Gallery, Toulouse (France), June-July.

    1992 -Pelaires Center Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, October-November. (catalogue).

    1993 -Witteveen Gallery, Amsterdam (Holland), March.

    1993 -Beaumont Art Gallery, Berlicum (Holland), October-November.

    1994 -Les Punxes Gallery, Barcelona, April-May.

    1994 -Gaspar Gallery, Barcelona, November-January. (catalogue).

    1995 -Hofman en Partners Gallery, Aalphen, Holland, March.

    1995 -Van der Voort Gallery, Ibiza, May-June.

    1995 -Miquel Planas -Monotypes, Editions 6a Graphic Work, Barcelona, September-October.

    1996 -Cultural Center "Torre Vella", Salou, Tarragona, May-June.

    1996 -"Pompeia (Lindes)", City Hall de Palma de Mallorca, September. (catalogue).

    1997 -Centro Cultural, City Hall de Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona.

    1997 -Pierre-Jean Meurisse Gallery, Toulouse, France, July-September.

    1999 -Editions 6a Graphic Work, Barcelona, February-March.

    1999 -Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença, June-July.

    2000 -Pilar Riberaygua-Les Punxes Gallery, Barcelona, May-June

    2002 -Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença, June-July. (catalogue).

    2002 -"Night of the Arts", Casal Balaguer, Bennàssar Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, September.

    2002 -Chapel of Sant Corneli, Cardedeu, Barcelona, November.

    2004 -Robert Brillas Cultural Center, Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, September. (catalogue).

    2005 -Mediterranean Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, November -December. (catalogue).

    2009 -OAB Gallery, Barcelona, May. (catalogue)

    2009 -Bennàssar Gallery, Pollença, June-July. (catalogue)

    2010 -"Landscape, from theft to translation", Mallorca Space of Barcelona, Insular Council of Mallorca. (catalogue).

    2011 -"Landscape as a Process", Palace of the Marquees of Llió, City Hall of Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, August, Barcelona. (catalogue)

    2012 -"Éprouver le paysage", ENSA, Limoges (France), March-April, (catalogue)

    2015 -Portal del Pardo Gallery. City Hall of Vendrell, Tarragona, August- September. (catalogue)

    2015 -Can Gelabert , City Hall of Binissalem , Mallorca, September - October. (catalogue)

    2015 -Cultura Center Can Prohens, Felanitx, Mallorca, October December. (catalogue)

    2017 -"Drawing lines", Can Ginestar, Sant Just Desvern Town Council, May-June. (catalogue).

    2017 -"From the ground to the black" Museum of the Pottery of Quart, Town Hall of Quart, Girona, July, (catalogue)

    2017 -"Drawing versus. Sculpture / Paper versus. Ferro ", Art Center l'Estació, City of Denia, Valencia, October-November, (catalogue).

    2017 -“Grounds” Can Jeroni Culture Center, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia Town Hall, Ibiza.

    2018 -Landscape under construction, exhibition organized by the Official Association of Architects of the Balearic Islands and the Government of the Balearic Islands, February-March. (catalogue).

    2018 - "Other imagined landscapes" exhibition organized by the Eivissa and Formentera Demarcation of the Official College of Architects of the Balearic Islands and Eivissa Town Hall, October - November.

    2018 - “Miquel Planas, Sculptures and Drawings” SADA, shanghai art & design academy, Jiading District (catalogue).

    2018 - “Traços / Trazos / Marrak” M. Planas, J. A. Lasa. Can Gelabert Art Center (Binissalem, Mallorca) (catalogue)

    2019 - “From earth to black, between tradition and the avant-garde”, Marcó Ceramics, Quart, Girona, May-June.

    2019 - “Vertientes”, I. Alonso / M. Planas, Marges U Gallery, Cadaqués, Gerona.

    2020 - “Traços / Trazos / Marrak” M. Planas, J. A. Lasa. Axular Room (Bilbao).

    2020 - “Traços / Trazos / Marrak” M. Planas, J. A. Lasa. UPV-EH Higher Technical School of Architecture (San Sebastián).

    2020 -Shenzhen Creative Week, Shenzhen International Convention And Exhibition Center, 35º Shenzhen International Art Exhibition, 20-23 August

    2020 -Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona - Shenzhen Fashionable Home Design Week No. 16, 18-21 March, International Center Exhibitions de Shenzhen.

    2021 -The 2nd International Art Festival, China, Huanaiao Township, Shengsi County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Provice. july – september

    2021 -Original Art and the Contemporary Art Exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Shenzhen Civic Center, Shenzhen, China

    2022 -Barcelona Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition, Meet Art,Guangzhou, China

    2023 -Jiangnan No.2 art center, Quanzhou, China

  4. collections and public sculpture

    collections and public sculpture


    1988 -Memorial to actress Margarita Xirgu, City Hall of Molins de Rei, Barcelona.

    1991 -"Testimoni collection" Caixa d'Estalvis Foundation and Pensions de Barcelona, Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1992 -Sculpture for "Seaside Hospital of Barcelona", Barcelona. (catalogue).

    1992 -Public Sculpture in Roda de Isabena (Huesca), Council of Huesca. (catalogue).

    1993 -European Keramick Work Centre, Hertogenbosch, Holland.

    1993 -Museum of Modern Art of Toulouse, France.

    1993 -CDAN Art and Nature Centre, Beulas Foundation. Huesca

    1994 -Public Sculpture in Calaf, City Hall de Calaf. (catalogue).

    1994 -Collection of Contemporary Art of the Newspaper "Avui". (catalogue).

    1996 -Artistic Background, City Hall of Salou, Tarragona.

    1996 -Collection of the City Hall of Palma (Majorca).

    2001 -Private Foundation, Vila Casas, Pals (Girona).

    2001 -Monument to Mosén Antoni Mª Alcover, City Hall of Manacor, Majorca.

    2001 -Ceramic Expo Sculpture Park, Kyonggi, Korea. (catalogue).

    2002 -Mútua dels Advocats de Catalunya Collection" Altermutua", Barcelona.

    2003 -"Inside" Sculpture Exhibition in Large Format, Sant Feliu de Guíxols. (catalogue).

    2004 -"Naveta inscrita", Private Bank of Andorra, Andorra La Vella.

    2005 -III Symposium of Sculpture of Alt Penedès. Vilafranca del Penedès.

    2006 -"Trama Barcelona", sculptural collection on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. Sponsor: Renta Corporación.

    2007 -Sculptural collection “Topographies and ramifications Sant Geliu de Llobregat Mortuary. Barcelona.

    2008 - Vila Casas Private Foundation, Pals (Girona).

    2009 -Chapel for the Institute of Sisters of St. Joseph of Girona (architect Alberto Peñín) Burjassot (Valencia)

    2011 - Vila Casas Private Foundation, Pals (Girona).

    2011 -Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Award J. A. Samaranch.

    2011 -Sculptural collection "Union", situated on the Rambla Llimonet de Vilanova i La Geltrú. City Hall de Vilanova i la Geltrú and PIVSAM.

    2012 -Private Foundation, Vila Casas, Pals (Girona)

    2012 -Contemporary Art Center of Essaouira; Morocco

    2013 -National Museum of Sculpture, Valladolid, Spain

    2015 -Miura Private Equity SGECR SA, Barcelona

    2016 -Municipal tanatory of Montgat, Sponsor: Pompas Funebres de Badalona, S.A.

    2018 -CRAI, University of Barcelona.

    2021 “LOCUS” Project, La font d’en Carrós, sculptural ensemble Ayuntamiento La Font Den Carros (Valencia), Arq. Alberto Peñin

    2022 Project "Escaquer" art program "overload" organized by Assembly of Artists of the Garrotxa, Olot

    2022 -Mural in Rural Development Trust, Anantapur, India

    2022 -“Trencadis 111”, Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. KKH Properties, Barcelona. Arch. Carlos Ferrater

  5. scholarships and awards

    scholarships and awards


    1982 -Scholarship for Plastic Arts from the Catalonia government (Scholarship).

    1986 -Scholarship for Plastic Arts from the Catalonia government (Scholarship).

    1993 -Stage in the European Keramick Work Center, (October-December), Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. 2000 -Sculpture Competition, Guttman Foundation, Barcelona. (catalogue). (2nd Prize).

    2001 -Sculptural Ideas Competition, homage to Mosén Alcover, Mallorca (Manacor). (1st Prize).

    2001 -Symposium of Spanish Sculptor, Korea. (3rd Prize)

    2001 -Water Guild Sculpture Competition, Caldes de Malavella, Girona. (2nd Prize)

    2002 -Project Ideas Competition Reus-Gaudí, City Hall of Reus. (1st Prize)

    2002 -City of Palma Prize "Antoni Gelabert" of Plastic Arts

    2002 (Selected). (catalogue)

    2002 -II Sculpture Competition, Caja Vital Kutxa, (Selected). (catalogue)

    2004 -Sculpture Competition, homage to Rafael de Casanova, City Hall of Sant Cugat, Barcelona, (Finalist).

    2005 -1st Prize in Contemporary Sculpture Palafrugell. Collective Catalogue of the exhibition organized by the Vila Casas Foundation. (catalogue).

    2006 -Public Sculpture Competition, homage to Eak Tai Ahn, organized by the City Hall of Palma de Mallorca and the government of South Korea. (Selected).

    2006 -Sculpture Competition in the Public Space of Vilanova and Geltrú, Barcelona (Finalist). (catalogue).

    2007 -Sculpture Competition in the Public Space of the city of Cambrils (Roundabout of Tourism). (Finalist).

    2008 -Selected for 2nd Prize in the Contemporary Sculpture Foundation of Vila Casas, Palafrugell. (catalogue)

    2009 -1st Prize in the Sculpture Competition in the Public Space of Vilanova and Geltrú, Barcelona. (catalogue)

    2012 -Selected for 3erd Prize in the Contemporary Sculpture Foundation of Vila Casas, Palafrugell. (catalogue)

    2010 -1st Prize of drawing Sant Pere Riudebitlles

    2013 -Prize of Visual Art of Vila de Santanyí Francisco Bernareggi. (Selected)

    2013 -Selected in the Vila De Santanyí Francisco Bernareggi Award for Visual Arts

    2015 -Selected (3rd prize) in the Plastic Arts Contest of Felanitx 2015

    2016 -Selected in the City of Felanitx Plastic Arts Contest ’16.

    2017 -Selected in the 51st Biennial of Art Contest of Pollença 2017

    2018 -Selected in the 4th Prize for Contemporary Sculpture Vila Casas Foundation, (catalogue).


  6. university activity

    university activity


    1985 -Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture.

    1989 -Professor of Sculpture at the University of Barcelona.

    1995 -PhD in Fine Arts.

    2003 -Professor of sculpture university, University of Barcelona.


    has collaborated with:


    -Official Master “Artistic Creation: Realism and environments” held by the Barcelona University

    -Official Master: Typography: discipline and uses “organized by the University of Barcelona

    -Master “Design applied to communication” organized by Elisava and University Pompeu Fabra

    -Official Master “strategies in creation” (Architecture Master: XXI projects) held by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. University white Chair.

    -Master (international Post-Diplome): ”Art et Design en céramiques contemporaines” de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Limoges (France)

    -Architecture Master and Landscape, Urbanism Department and Territory Planning (Public Space Workshop), Barcelona, Spain, Organized by: ETSAB, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

    -University Master in Landscape, workshop 2.1. The cultural landscape of the whine ”in/out”. Agriculture, culture, identity and the city, Barcelona, Spain organized by: ETSAB, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

    -Summer University of Barcelona, Government of The Canary Island in its summer courses in Arrecife.

    -Art Congress and Wine Landscape, organized by: Catalan Institution of Agriculture studies, U.B., U.P.C. and U.R.V.


    other participations:


    -He is a member of The Consolidated Research Group: Art and Science: Implications and Applications. Barcelona: art, research and creation (BRAC). AGAUR - Administration of University Resources Agency and Research, Government of Catalonia.

    -Evaluator of the Academy of the Evaluation of the quality National Agency Academy. (ANECA)

    -Director of the Training and Research Scholarship of the Catalonia Government and the Ministry of Scien.ce and Education.

    -Member of the E-20 National Teaching Accreditation Commission (ANECA).

    -He is a member of the Consolidated Research Group: Center for Research on Culture and Sustainability (CRECS). AGAUR - Agency for Management of University and Research Grants. Government of Catalonia.


    stage in Research Centers:


    -European Keramick Work Centre, s’Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 1993

    -Essaouira Contemporary Art Center, Ifitry, Marroc, 2012 - 2013.

    -Jingdezhen Ceramic Institut, Jingdezhen, Popular Republic of Chine, 2013

    -Faculty École Nationale Superieure d’Art of Limoges, France. 2010-2011-2012

    -Shanghai Art & Design Academy, Shanghai, Popular Republic of China.